"Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity" ~ Hippocrates. 


A holistic approach to high vibration wellness.

"It is far more important to know what person the disease has, than the disease the person has. " ~Hippocrates

The Mind

A private FB community of women empowering each other.  Holistic Sisters: Self Care Community and Connection offers a positive social media experience, connection & space to share. Nutritionists, coaches, teachers and practitioners all offering their expertise. 

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The Body

There is an Ayurvedic Proverb that says “With the wrong diet, no medicine can help. With the right diet, no medicine is necessary.” Nutrients have a vibrational energy. Supporting your body using vibrational nutrition principles, adding foods that support Chakras.

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The Skin

Raise the vibration of your skin care using the spirits and essence of plants in harmony in your skin care. Vibrational ingredients absorb into the skin to help energize and balance the skin, your largest organ. Reduce emotional & environmental stress. Start here....

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Resources & Offerings

As a certified nutrition practitioner, Sue has tested & used many different protocols, worked with supplements , practitioners and accessed integrative medicine clinics. Sue is bringing her years of research and testing together to offer a unique mentorship opportunity. Join the wait list for the NEW THINKING PARTNER program, a program that goes beyond a formula based solution made for masses. Instead this program offers individual focus allowing you to work with Sue leave with customized solutions. You are invited to discover free holistic resources, Discover how to get unblocked, raise your energy & discover your higher self!

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"Sue has so much knowledge to share and truly cares about the well being of her clients. She gets to know you and what will and will not work with your lifestyle. She makes you feel like you can accomplish your goals without ever being judgemental. She is an excellent communicator, and I would highly recommend reaching out to her for any of your nutrition needs."

JoAnne M.
Financial Security Advisor

"Sue is so knowledgeable and transparent. She is always putting her client’s interests first and will go out of her way to help everyone achieve their health goals. Her approach to seeing the body as a whole definitely makes her an expert! She is amazing to work with! "

Dr. Stephanie Deschenes

"For helping me get my “gut” health back in check. The live blood cell analysis has changed my life, and now I have a better understanding of how my body functions with food. Thanks to you .. You are truly gifted at what you do and just love being around you because of all the knowledge you have .. and also cause your really cool!!"

Julie Butler
Professional Photographer & Business Coach

"I have made significant changes to what I eat, what I buy, what I buy for my kids and feed them. Small changes over time that add up to significant results. We are much more conscious of the ingredients of anything from ‘pseudo health food’ to pseudo ‘green’ products we make choices to support better business practices, greener products, fairer trade through the voice of our household dollar. Sue is an educator and supporter and an outstanding businesswoman."

Debrah Whiting
Real Estate Agent

We want it all. To be a mom, wife, partner, friend, daughter... how to do it all, not loose ourselves and still earn an income.

I remember my transition to being a stay at home mom & wife, I knew I was going to need something to call my own. Something that gave me community, connection & positive women around me. I needed a job that allowed me to be free to support my family and still earn income. 

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