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Nutri-Body Assessment

Nutri-Body® Analysis is a method of nutritional assessment that enables nutritional practitioners to pin-point each person’s unique biochemical weaknesses. The scores in each category of the questionnaire are compared to the person’s overall state of health.

What to expect:

  • points to the imbalances that may be occurring and the relationships that exists.  
  • Symptomatic review through answering 600 questions, which are based on what your body is experiencing right now with the foods and supplements you are presently taking.
  • A detailed report and follow up consult is provided by Sue on your potential nutrient deficiencies and or possible toxicity excesses


What Clients Are Saying:

One of the many beautiful things about Sue is her ability to connect the dots, no matter how hidden or scattered they are or appear to be. I came to Sue with the intention of learning about how she could help serve my concussion clients. As I do with any other professional that I collaborate with, I wanted to see for myself what she did and how it worked so I could explain it to my clients that I wanted to refer to her. So I did the Nutri-Body questionnaire as she recommended, knowing that a lot of my symptoms related to my last concussion/ Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in 2010. Despite my knowledge, personal experience and expertise on TBIs and concussions, Sue connected all the random dots related to my symptoms but also looked further and linked them to potential fertility issues. After having done the Nutri-body, Sue worked with me to correct the disorders and imbalances within my digestive system, no matter why they were there or what caused them. Not only did my concussion symptoms improve, we got pregnant within 1 month of changing 1 simple thing in my diet.


The question that caught me off guard was the thumb muscle pain. I never thought anything of it before, but I definitely have it. Just makes me think that maybe things are more connected than I thought.


I had a great experience with Sue. Informative, kind helpful and really nailed down some of my issues. PLUS it's technical without being to scientific and un-relatable.